Joshua's chair

Joshua's chair
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Friday, September 23, 2011

school chair

I acquired this school chair about twenty years ago.
It was sturdy and useful. However, It was Ugh-gly!
So, I painted the light brown metal to silver and painted the bare wood blue.
The only problem with it was I absolutely abhorred the blue!
Soooo, Paint, brush and a few strokes later and I have a better tolerance for the chair.
Am I through with it? Oh, NO! I have plans for the plain black seat and back.
Stencils? Tole painting? Decoupage photos? Who knows. Stay tuned for the end result . . .

Oh, any suggestions?


I love buttons.
I have collected buttons for many, many years.
I have no use for the buttons.
I have no use for some of the boxes I have acquired.
But, I do have a glue gun. Add that to box and buttons and I have some homemade fun for me!

Here's the history:
I made plaster casts of a few faces twenty years ago.
They turned out so well, that I kept them. As I was going through "stuff" and throwing out old, unused objects, I came upon an idea for the faces!
I took some wooden rounds that I was gonna toss and prepared them for the faces to be mounted on.
I painted the faces then, mounted them on the painted rounds.
I had so much fun doing this. What do you think?