Joshua's chair

Joshua's chair
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Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Well, Hello!
I am almost back to square one with my weight.  The nearly eternal battle.  However, I do realize that ATTITUDE has everything to do with success.  It dawned on me that I was plodding through each day with an attitude of just getting through, and being disappointed with feelings of non-accomplishment.  Not much enjoyment in that.   I have become a very cynical, very jaded old woman.  Not good!
Attitude change needed immediately...The dawning came with President Uchtdorf's talk regarding joy titled, "Forget me not". 
It  brings to mind my mother and her constant faith in God, America, and all people.  She never gave up.  She loved even those knotheads who struggled with poor decisions.  She sang as she worked.  The only thing she hated was negativeism.  The songs she sang still bring peace to my soul.  Our home was neat, clean, secure, happy, and ever welcoming to friends and family.  I tried so very hard to be a good parent like my mom & dad.  They were loving, patient, kind and constant.

SO!  NOW . . .
I have decided that going to the gym and working out is my three-times-a-week RECREATION!
I have decided that making my bed nicely each morning has a CALMing effect on my day.
I have reaffirmed that prayer and scripture study each day gives BLESSINGS so sweet and subtle I don't realize the miracles Heavenly Father showers on me each day.
I have decided that the past is something to learn from.  The past is something to comfort me with loving memories. 
I have realized the future only matters in terms of what positive things I am doing about it today.
I have realized that food for living is far healthier than living for food.
I have realized that I have been blessed with experiences of greater value that I can understand yet. 
I have realized that every tiny contribution I make in my daily living whether it's a smile, an email, or a kind word, is a treasure to someone.
I have decided that love is never wasted, even if the receiver declines the gift.

AND . . . I have decided that I will continue to live and love, and look to the clouds & sky to remember that God is in control.

ATTITUDE is everything.