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Joshua's chair
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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Well, well, well!   It is hard to believe that it's been  many months since I last posted.

Bizzy Me!  My son's wedding distracted me, then I got sick, then I got lazy!  Ha!

I want to add to the last post I wrote about organizing closets.
I recently read a terrific article in "MORE" magazine about cleaning out and organizing your clothing.  The writer, Jennifer Braunschweiger,  wrote about old or worn-outs for trash, discards for charity , and taking items to a consignment store.  "What?"  You say?  A consignment store???  Yes, if I had anything worth consigning!
I have a girlfriend who buys her Italian leather shoes and mink coats at thrift shops.  She doesn't get them from Gucci or Sax or Nordstrom or Marshall Fields!  She seldom pays full price for any item, but she does shop labels.  
Me?  I go for  what fits, what colors go, and what makes me feel good.  
Here is what I did glean from the organizer lady:   If I don't feel lovely, comfortable and confident in a particular piece of clothing, I must toss it out!  

I still adhere to the rules that:
a.   If I haven't worn it in the last three years, maybe I just plain don't need it! (Duh)
b.   Everything that needs mending, polishing or cleaning should NOT be in the ready-to-wear closet!  Fix the problem or toss the item!  Well, there goes 3/4 of my daily wear!  
c.   I am quite sentimental about ancient gifts from loved ones that I still want to keep.  However some of  my old scarves, hats, purses and shoes don't need to clutter my current closet, so, I put them in a dress-up box for my grand girls to play with, they are so cute in dress-ups!  Ahh!  
d.  Here's one more idea!  Some items can be used for  Halloween costumes!  

Whew!  Now I can feel better about the clothes in my closet, what's left of them!