Joshua's chair

Joshua's chair
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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Buzz Light Mower


Ahhh! Autumn!

For those of you who are having to rake leaves, and rake leaves, and rake leaves; I salute you!
For those of us who have two seasons, (hot and lukewarm) Isn't it grand?
I am loving the clear skies, the crispness of the air. And . . . the special events throughout this season!

Halloween was enjoyed seeing nearly everyone costumed up, happy, (and sober) at "Trunk or Treat".
What a surprise to James when two of the high desert employees shaved their heads and dressed up as James. There they were! Twins! Counting James, they made triplets!
How funny, funny, funny.

Andrew Buzzed as Buzz Lightyear. Yleana was a regal little princess, and Joshua was an adorable Winnie-the-Pooh! Cameron was dressed up as a sleeping baby! Ha!
Samantha and Lindsay were ghoulish vampires! It's hard to believe that those two cute children could look so horrible!

I am looking forward to having Thanksgiving dinner at my house and
making & baking Christmas presents this year.
The pace is stepping up a notch, and the anticipation is fun.

Saturday, October 23, 2010


James sent an email about the fly-overs from past football games. Glorious!
It inspired me to amend the following hymn:

My country, 'tis of thee,
Sweet land of (endangered) liberty
Of thee I sing;
Land where my fathers died, (defending LIBERTY, my life and my right to happiness)
Land of the pilgrim's (hard-earned) pride,
(some ancesters were on the first ships landing on this precious land),
From every mountainside (& glen, & valley, & building top)
Let FREEDOM ring.

My native country, thee, (and I have the birth certificate to prove it)
Land of the nobleFREE, (and a few anti-Christs, and a few evil-doers, and a few illegal parasites)
Thy name I love (and revere and am most grateful for)
I love thy rocks and rills, (and cacti and waterways,)
Thy woods and templed hills, (and the FREE peopled cities)
My heart with rapture thrills (when I see the military in action) like that above.
(It also aches in mortification with what a few narcissists are trying to do to it.)

Let music swell the breeze (not rap, not rock; real music)
And ring from all the trees (and buildings, too)
Sweet FREEDOM's song;
Let mortal tongues awake; (along with brains)
Let all that breathe partake; (and vote)
Let rocks (& patriots) their silence break,
The sound prolong.

Our father's God, to thee, (even when some do not believe in Thee)
Author of LIBERTY,
To thee we sing; (and . . . say it . . . PRAY);
Long may our land be bright with FREEDOM's holy light.
Protect us with thy might (from tyranny, selfishness, and overstuffed egos),
Great God our King (not Obumma, not the democrats, not the senate, not the republicans, not congress . . . GOD! our KING!)

(Do I hear an AMEN?) Yes.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Organize and Plan

Sunday - rest
Attend Church
Visit in person, by phone, email or letter
Plan, calendar in appointments, commitments, errands and chores
Look forward

Monday -
Clean up Kitchen, go to the gym, go to work or do some service
Lawn & Garden

Tuesday -
Fix, repair, replace
Make future appointments, work, serve
Ironing, polishing

Wednesday -
Clean Bedrooms, go to the gym, work, serve
Launder bath towels and bed sheets

Thursday -
Vacuum, dust, work, serve

Friday -
shopping, garage sales, work, serve

Saturday -
Clean up, go out
Lawn & Garden

Sunday -
reflect, worship, rest


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

WoW! It's been over a year since I blogged here!

Guess what! In that time I have lost 35 pounds, and become a Nutrition and Wellness Consultant.
AND I have strengthened my body and changed my lifestyle with good nutrition.
Thanks to the support and encouragement of my kids from near and far, especially Matt who encourages me to work out at his INTERACTIVE FITNESS gym in Corona. I am better than ever!

I have learned that nutrition, fitness and hydration are the key to WELLNESS.
I have learned that hard work and sweat reap the highest rewards.
I have learned that sacrificing a few hours each week to work out is 100% rewarding.
I have learned that my children love me...even like me.
I have learned that I will never be too old to exercise.
I have learned that self-discipline has great payoffs!

In the past year I have welcomed two new additions to our family in the form of grandchildren numbers 19 and 20!

I am busy enough to stay happy most of the time, and un-busy enough to rest up for the busy times.

If there is anything you want to know about aging, I can tell you up to the age of 65. HA!
If there is anything you want to know about house cleaning, raising children, the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and discerning between right and wrong, I can refer you to the experts! (or me)

Life is beautiful. Life is good. Life is what you make it.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Questions and Answers

Question: What have you been doing lately?
Answer: I have been studying nutrition in order to get my certification. ('have to wait four weeks for the certificate now that I have completed all assignments, tests, etc.)

Question: What are you doing now?
Answer: Besides sitting at the PC? I am wrapping birthday gifts and making birthday cards for 12 kids and in-laws, and 18 grands.

Question: So, what's new?
Answer: Very soon there will be two more grands.

Question: What else?
Answer: Two of my daughters and I have just reconnected with a long lost sister-friend who, along with her two sisters, was very special to us. We lost contact about 30 years ago when their parents moved out of state. WoW! What a wonderful experience to be able to pick up the threads of love and share our lives again!

Questions: What now?
Answer: Life is routine, but life is exciting. I never thought I'd think that way! Surprise! Routine is not boring.
I will continue with what I have done during the past eight months: with the help of Matt, and encouragement of my kids and friends, I am working out, eating right (with a few lapses now and then) and staying busy with worthwhile routines.

Question: Will you describe a "worthwhile" routine?
Answer: "Up in the morning and off to school. The teacher is teaching the golden rule..."
Oh! That's a song, not my routine.
OK, here it is: Up in the morning and reading scriptures, studying for what I need to know. Go to the gym (every other day), then home to clean, plan, run errands, connect with others. Lots of time to do lots of things. In the early evening I drive to tutor my clients. The guard cat stays home and ... guards. Later in the evening I watch TV, play computer games, read or sumthin' else. Mid day I talk to my kids on the phone, sew, do family history, create cookbooks, and organize and prepare for tutoring, and teaching sunday school.
Oh, and the master bath is being redone by a couple of very capable young men...well, young to me!

Question: Do you have any wisdom to impart?
Answer: Boy, do I!

Question: WELL???
Take care of your spirit: listen to the Lord. Learn of Him.
Take care of your body: Exercise it, feed it properly, keep it clean.
Take care of your family.
Take care of your friends.
Remember to laugh; crying is good, too.
Take care of your temper and keep it sweet.
All things good and bad will come: Meet the challenges, take care of priorities.

Question: Do you have more to say?
Answer: Lots. Lots more. But not now.