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Wednesday, January 4, 2012


I love January!
It is so clean and clear and pleasant!
Ahh, SoCal, I love you!
AND NOW:  Onward to the business of the month; that is, DE-CLUTTERING and CLEANING.  Beginning with my weakest point:  Finances

I didn't realize it, but I have already begun!   I emptied out my financial file so I could prepare for income taxes.  I do mean emptied out!  Here is my method:

 *[NOTE:  The first part of the method pertains to all areas of de-cluttering.]*

FIRST:  Take everything out of the drawer.  Yes, I mean EVERYTHING ...  Wipe the drawer out with a soft rag.  See?  Success!  The drawer is completely de-cluttered!
What?  That's not enough?  Sure it is!   
Oh!  Now you want to know what to do with the clutter OUTSIDE the file?  
OK, here goes...

SECOND:  Put back into the drawer only the essential files you will need in the upcoming year.  
For Example:  I pulled everything out, right?  There are stacks of files on my desk.  Now I go through them generally.  This means that I sort by tax, warranty product info and general receipts.

NOTE:  My file system in general terms goes like this:

Front Hanging file holds the folder marked Stress-Relief.  It holds the emergency candy bar.  Ha Ha, Just kidding.  (But don't you like that idea?)

HANGING FILES  with general label (ABC) - folders more specifically labeled (123)

A - Money files
1 - Budget lists:  past lists to compare with new budget
2 - Wish List:  things I would like to save for
3 - Coupons & discounts:  AAA discounts list, Senior citizen discounts booklet, etc.
       [Store coupons are another organizational item for discussion (later)]

B - Address file
1 - Ward lists, neighbors & friends lists
2 - Web addresses, user names, etc.
3 - Pending correspondence (to answer)
4 - Stickers and stamps folder with postage and return address labels
5 - Birthday/anniversary lists of my friends, kids, and grands 

C - General Records file
1 - Veterinary file for pets
2 - Doctor/Dentist list or business cards
3 - Essential prescription information
4 - "File" folder for items  I don't have time to place in their specific folders (clean out monthly)

Next Post:  ALPHABETICAL ORDER files.  (More specific files.)

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