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Sunday, January 8, 2012


So many times I hear, "I just can't get motivated!"
  Boy!  Do I ever identify with that!  However, I have come to the conclusion that it isn't about motivation:


First, get a paper and pencil.  (See you're already on a roll!)
Next, with focus on what needs to be done, make a list.
Then, prioritize.  That is, number tasks in order of importance or preference.  (I often throw in an asterisk for things I really want to do or that are really easy.)

After that, take a break.  Go get a hamburger or ice cream cone, or cruise the dollar store!  (or mall!)

Later, choose a task to do:
Assemble the tools and materials you need to do the job.  
Some items might include: 
  •  a trash bag for, you guessed it, TRASH   
  • a trash bag for things to give away
  • a box or two to hold everything from that drawer or closet.
  • vacuum, broom or mop
  • spray bottle of cleaning stuff like windex or 409
  • marker and sticky labels, tape
  • CD player, radio or ipod (gotta do it with music, right?) ((OR your bluetooth & phone))
Now, that you've got your lil' ol' ducks in a row, leave them there and go fix yourself a nice iced drink, put up you feet, and read a lovely decorating magazine or something.  (whatever you do, don't get involved with a TV movie or a soap opera.  They are sooo de-motivating!)

NOW... It doesn't take motivation to do a task.  It takes energy to look at the project and just do it.

Let's say we're gonna clean out the closet...  Ready all?  Let's go!
  1. Take EVERYTHING out of the closet.  (if you have a walk-in closet, this is easier said than done, and you'll want to quit right here and now.)  Walk-in closets require a slightly altered strategy.  Do one side at a time.  Done?  OK, next step.
  2. Sweep, vacuum and clean the shelves and floors.
  3. Now, look at the closet.  Nice, huh?  Yep!
  4. Are you ready for the big motivator now?  Yes?  Here it is:  Look at that big pile of stuff you just put on your bed or floor!  MOTIVATION!
  5. Relax, take a deep breath:  This is the fun part.  Taking one item in hand you get to make an executive decision.  You have three choices = Give away, Throw away, OR Return to the closet.
  6. How do you decide?  Get a grip:  if you haven't worn it in three years, it's out of date and you probably won't ever wear it again.  GET RID OF IT!  (I promise, you'll get used to this!)
  7. If you will wear it in the next six months, arrange it neatly on its hanger and place in the closet.  OR place it on a shelf or on the floor if it is in the category of shoes, hats, purses.
NOTE:  a bedroom closet should be ONLY for clothing items.  ONLY.
If you're not in an apartment with limited storage, do not put storage items in your clothes closet!  Put them in a box outside the room for later placement. 
IF at any time you start to get frustrated, leave the room, take a walk and breathe deeply.
By the time you have to fix dinner you will probably see a neatly organized closet and a couple of bags of give-aways.  Take these bags to the car for your next trip to the store passing a thrift shop on the way.
NEXT INSTALLMENT TO ORGANIZATION:   What do I do with the stuff I am keeping?

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